The Wind and Water Mills Trail

Wind and water mills are synonymous with the Norfolk landscape. They are an important feature of its history, having played a key role in milling flour and providing land drainage to allow for agriculture and cattle grazing.

The mills on this trail have to be visited on foot. We have selected two areas to explore: How Hill and Horsey. In exploring the mills located there you will also get to enjoy some of the best of Norfolk’s Broadland landscapes.

At How Hill, you can walk the Mills Trail, which takes in three different drainage mills. You will then drive past Sutton Mill, once the tallest mill in England, before finishing the day at Horsey. Here you can explore the inside of Horsey Windpump, learn about its history, and enjoy a wonderful view across the Broadland landscape from its tower. A circular walk from here will take you past Brograve Mill.

You can learn more about the history of Norfolk’s mills at the Norfolk Mills site here

For an interactive map showing all the mills open to the public, visit the Norfolk Windmills Trust site here

The How Hill Trust web site is here

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For the walking map of the Weavers Way which passes by Sutton Mill, go here

For more information about Horsey Windpump and a map of the walk look here

FREE Wind and Water Mills Trail

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